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Online Reporting (PNOL)

When our specialists set up your protection cordon each item is barcoded and recorded onto the system by means of a handheld computer. Even before they leave your site you'll have secure, password protected access to a complete pest control online visual representation of your protection network. Each subsequent visit generates a fresh set of data from each device, recorded by scanning into the pest control online system.

Over time PestNetOnline builds to give you:

  • An instant easy to read site plan of your protection network in a time saving visual format
  • An easy to follow audit trail demonstrating how seriously you take protection, the measures you have in place, and how they have performed
  • A detailed history of activity — demonstrating your due diligence by recording all the action taken
  • Trend analysis — allowing potential risks to be anticipated and preventive measures taken.
Using Pest Net Online

What's more PestNetOnline can be accessed from any computer — provided you have the appropriate code — and used to monitor and compare multiple sites if you wish. PestNetOnline is designed to increase the quality, visibility and integrity of your protection — whilst also saving you time and money and providing greater peace of mind than before.

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