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Health and Safety

There is nothing more important at Rentokil than ensuring that everyone goes home safe at the end of their working day. Our colleagues, our families and our customers rely on this commitment. Safety, health and the environment will always be our first priority and there can be no compromise on this.

Our colleagues are at the heart of our plan to enable THE RIGHT PEOPLE to do THE RIGHT THINGS in THE RIGHT WAY. Health and safety is embedded in this plan and is the first item on both our Colleague and Customer Promises; the framework for the culture of our company.

Safety is our first priority at Rentokil

Rentokil has developed a number of policies which aim to provide substantial Health and Safety benefits to our staff and our customers. 

Health and Safety is not only a way of life at Rentokil Pest Control; working in partnership with us brings health and safety benefits for many of our customers too. Pest risks and the associated disease risks are mitigated, potentially dangerous damage to buildings and electrical wiring from the continuous gnawing of rodents is reduced, and problems with bird mess are removed as well. 

Working with Rentokil can also help improve the health and safety culture of your organisation, as our pest control service technicians always carry out procedures to the highest of standards. We are committed to the provision of quality services and products by well-trained and supervised staff and, to employing safe working practices designed to protect the health and safety of all our employees, our clients, the general public and the environment. 

We are also committed to managing compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (2007) and its regulations. We aim to continually improve our health and safety record as an organisation.