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Our pest control team in Mombasa boasts a collective 200 years of knowledge and service within Rentokil. We provide integrated pest control services to residential as well as commercial customers in the government, workplace and hospitality industries.

All of our colleagues have a mix of these segments in their level of expertise, ensuring they provide tailored and expert service at every level. We have team of 25 colleagues allowing us to provide a complete solution in protecting any type of premises from pests.

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"I have been with Rentokil for 12 years since 2005. I started as a Quality Assurance Officer in the Pest Control.  In 2008 I joined the Sales Function, as a Sales Consultant, where I worked as Pest Control Surveyor up to 2014, when I got promoted to a Branch Manager position in charge of the Mombasa Branch in Coastal Kenya. I have been in the branch management role for the last 3 years. The Mombasa Branch services the beach hotels, the Kenya Ports Authority, and the regional government offices from the Mombasa hub based in Nyali.''

Charles Okello - Mombasa Branch Manager.

Areas we cover in Mombasa

The Mombasa branch of Rentokil Pest Control covers the below areas, as well as the following areas of surrounding Mombasa:
  • Mombasa Island
  • Kilifi
  • Lamu
  • Voia
  • Taita -Taveta and South Coast region

Local Pest Trends

Brown rat

Flies, Rodents and Cockroaches

Common pests such as flies and cockroaches can be seen in most of Mombasa and surrounding areas. We encourage all commercial customers and residents to seek professional help to keep pest infestations under control. Trust our qualified and experienced team handle any pest problem quickly and effectively.

Mombasa Island, North Coast and South Coast is considered a high risk area for rats and mice. Rodents are attracted to the existing high levels of waste in highly populated areas. This is especially a concern in the sense that rodents spread diseases such as E.coli and Weil's disease.

“’If you take care of the rodents, your people will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself.” -  Mombasa Branch  Manager, Charles Okello.

The creepy, the crawly and the gnawing

The risk of contamination from flies is especially high in the food manufacturing and processing industry, as well as food catering and restaurant markets, whereby these flying insects can not only pose a health risk, but cause major damage to a company’s reputation as well.

The brown rat and the house mouse are widespread throughout Mombasa's more densely populated areas. Rodents are nocturnal and build their nests in wall cavities, under floors, in roof spaces and close to areas where they can scavenge for food and water. Learn more about rats and mice.

Because a single female cockroach can produce up to 300 offspring in her lifetime, it is essential to act swiftly when spotting even one cockroach inside your home. Here is a tip: Clean regularly under large kitchen appliances – such as the stove and fridge – as food may get trapped underneath, and be sure not to leave liquids standing overnight. See more cockroach prevention tips.