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EcoCatch Fly Trap

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EcoCatch Fly Trap is reusable & is made from 30% recycled plastics

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Fly Trap - EcoCatch External Fly Control

Your first line of defence against flies entering your business. EcoCatch is a sustainable external fly trap, which provides non-toxic and flexible control of 'public heath flies'. These include house flies, lesser house flies, blow flies and fruit flies among many other species of flies.  Flies can transmit diseases such as Salmonella and E. coli., which can damage your business reputation. They can also contaminate your produce and stock.

Exterior Fly Catcher

EcoCatch fly traps effectively reduce insect populations before they can infiltrate your premises. Designed for various outdoor business areas, including hospitality venues, hotel and pub gardens, terraces, and waste disposal zones, these traps help manage fly volumes efficiently. When combined with Rentokil's fly screen doors and window fly screens, EcoCatch significantly minimizes the risk of fly infestations, ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic environment for your property.

Safe and Sustainable Outdoor Fly Traps

These units are non-toxic, highly effective, and provide a professional solution for controlling public health flies in outdoor areas. Key features include:

Sustainability: EcoCatch traps are non-toxic and reusable, eliminating the risk of pesticide contamination. Over 30% of the unit is made from recycled plastics, enhancing its environmental friendliness.
Flexible Installation: The traps do not require electricity, making them adaptable to any outdoor location. They can be wall-mounted, hung, or securely placed on a flat surface.
High-Level Attractant: EcoCatch employs a 'contrast effect' to maximize attraction to public health flies, using a non-toxic solution to lure flies into the trap and away from customers, ensuring effective outdoor control.
Discreet and Secure Design: The traps contain flies in an unobtrusive inner container, concealing them from public view. The solid plastic, lockable casing reduces the risk of damage and prevents unsightly messes from spillages.

Why do you need EcoCatch External Fly Traps?

Flies can significantly harm your business. An untreated fly infestation can lead to:

The spread of pathogens and diseases such as Salmonella and E. coli.
Damage to your business's reputation.
Contamination of your produce and inventory.
Discomfort and inconvenience for your customers and staff.
Implementing an effective and adaptable external fly control solution, such as EcoCatch fly traps, is essential. This proactive measure helps safeguard your business from the detrimental impacts of public health flies.

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